S/NSystem ModuleUniversal EditionBasic VersionProfessional EditionEntERPrise Version
1Purchase JobVVVV
2Accounts PayableVVVV
3User Account And Permission SettingVVV
4Purchase, Retail, Inventory Management And Basic ReportsVVV
5Wholesale Management, And Related Sales StatisticsVVV
6Membership Management (Including Discount Points, Discount Rate Etc. )VVV
7Sales Promotion Maintenance (Including Item Mix Discount, Group Purchase etc. )VVV
8Basis Of Financial (Payables And Receivables, Bank Deposits And Cash)VVV
9The Basis Of Sales Statistics ReportVVV
10Company Contact ListVV
11Knowing (Oa Platform, Including Product Repair, Etc. )VV
12Salesman Performance Management (Support Multiple Layers Management System)VV
13Multi-Storage ManagementVV
14Downstream Customer Linking Management (Including Management Report)VV
15Area Reselling Management (Prevent Unhealthy Competition)VV
16Senior Sales Analysis ReportVV
17Stocking Scanning ManagementVV
18Credits ManagementVV
19Shop Docking Support (Lynx, Taobao)VV
20Distributor Monitor Document (Used For Management Of Distributors)V
21Support Of All Kinds Of Promotional Event. Promotional Event Result Check.V
22Product Bom (Including Process Table )V
23Production Management Modules (Such As Picking, Newspaper Work, Warehousing)V
24Order Purchase Price Recalculation And StatisticsV
25The Default Number Of Users (At An Additional Cost To Increase The Number Of Users)12510